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March 18, 2015 – HangIt has launched a new mobile marketing channel, Location-Driven Engagement, to enable any app to better engage its customers with highly relevant “in the moment” messages using precise location. App publishers using HangIt can now instantly send notifications and rich media messages right to the phone’s home screen – personalized and targeted to specific customers at an exact time and place. HangIt has decided to open the Platform to any app, for free, effective today.

HangIt’s platform combines a mobile SDK, which can be integrated in a day, with an easy-to-use Campaign Portal, enabling organizations to ‘hang’ marketing or messages anywhere to be delivered to smartphone users at that target location. HangIt’s novel approach – Contextual Targeting Automation™ – identifies key points in the customer journey such as “leaving home for work,” “on the train home” or “parking at my competitors location” and enables immediate customer notification based on context – even when the app is closed. For app publishers struggling to reconnect with those who downloaded their apps, and for consumers who’ve lost track of the many apps on their phone, HangIt’s location driven engagement, the first offering on the HangIt platform, is a new communication channel enabling highly valuable “glanceable moments” and highly targeted and valuable interactions.

The HangIt platform launched in Georgetown, Washington D.C. with more than twenty-five local retailers and restaurant customers, during which HangIt delivered over 10,000 messages and drove new traffic to all of the merchants. The success of this launch was the final step in proving the effectiveness of the innovative technology in influencing consumers’ decisions in real time with real results. As a result of this success, HangIt is now actively supporting a growing set of app publishers in integrating the HangIt SDK.

Later this year, apps using HangIt will have a new opportunity to use locational context to deliver contextual marketing across the network of participating apps on the HangIt Platform. This new revenue generating marketing, which can take the form of app download and engagement messages, offers and advertisements, tips, or news, will always focus on delighting end users with contextually relevant messages that enhance the mobile experience. The Platform enables mobile marketers to track and log multiple marketing campaigns, measure effectiveness, intercept and convert consumers and prove offer redemption. Revenue from HangIt – using its newly created marketing channel – will be incremental to all existing app revenue streams.

HangIt is based on the principle that mobile location on smart phones changes everything. Jason Hogg, Chairman & Founder of HangIt, said: “We set out to create nothing short of a new marketing channel, which is what the mobile app environment needed. We surveyed the existing and heavily confusing layers of web advertising networks focused on display ads and ‘dumb’ push notifications that lack the context of time and place, and decided to start from scratch. The HangIt Platform, which app publishers can have up and running in a day, manages the entire process from targeting through our Campaign Portal using raw device and location data from the smartphone to the confirmed delivery of notification and offer and redemption by the customer.”

Steven Gal, HangIt’s CEO, said: “It is the industry’s worst kept secret that display advertising doesn’t work well on mobile. App publishers are spending a small fortune on getting downloaded and then don’t have an effective way to engage and monetize customers unless the app is opened. HangIt creates a great experience for the app customer, who gets relevant information when and where they need it simply by glancing at their phone, and a new way for app publishers to positively engage and monetize customers regardless of whether they open the app.”

Co-creators Jason Hogg and Nick Johns – founders of Revolution Money, now American Express Serve – saw this opportunity in the stagnant mobile marketing space, developed and built proprietary technology approaches, and recruited an experienced product and technical group of senior executives from their prior companies to capitalize on this void and bring HangIt’s revolutionary messaging and marketing opportunities to reinventing business’ consumer engagement strategy on mobile.

Testimonials from clients: 

HangIt is the first mobile marketing technology I’ve tried. 50% of the people who redeem a HangIt message also make a purchase. I’m really excited about the exposure to young people HangIt has brought avocado cafe’
Sam Elissawi, Avocado (food restaurant), owner

I had not used any mobile marketing previously, but was really intrigued by what the HangIt platform offered – especially to a small business like mine. The technology was able to direct people into my location that were not necessarily going to stop in, but did due to the location-based message that HangIt delivered. Of the three new people that entered my practice at least one has become a regular customer – returning on a weekly basis which is a fantastic result.
Terrel Hale, Physical Therapist

We sold 32 drinks during the pilot launch of the HangIt technology, doubling sales within that week since the launch of the app. At least three of those customers have become repeat customers that are noticeable by face, with another 5 to ten returning at least once.
Robert Kristianson, Piano Bar Owner

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