The HangIt™ Platform enables app publishers and marketers to electronically “hang” messages and marketing anywhere and have their target customers notified on their smartphones when they get there. HangIt was founded on the principle that mobile location on smartphones changes everything.

With HangIt, app publishers and marketers can get in front of their customers at precisely the right place and time and deliver a rich notification that is sure to get their attention.

PRESS RELEASE October 7, 2014

HangIt Raises $6.2 Million Seed Funding to Disrupt Mobile Marketing

“The HangIt platform is a blank sheet approach which makes using mobile location fast, easy and free to app developers and publishers so that they can create contextually relevant experiences for smartphone users,” Hogg said. “Our first products on the platform will disrupt the mobile advertising industry by creating new marketing channels that deliver increased relevance and revenue to app developers and publishers by reaching and redirecting customers when they are ready to buy.”…